"My work has always been influenced by the primordial forms suggested by the kudzu-covered trees that line Florida’s highways most of the year. Those ambiguous shadowy forms, reminiscent of the birth of galaxies and the end of civilization, suggest to me simultaneously scenes from the distant past and the distant future. My paintings share many formal qualities with this kind of messy organic growth as a way of engaging with the sublime dread of deep time, and as a representation of how the haunted history of the southern landscape echoes out into our everyday lives."

Oct 29 - Nov 21, 2020 | Day & Night Projects, Atlanta
2020 | Loo Gallery, Chicago

2020 | Wayfarers, Brooklyn

2021 | QUAID Gallery, Tampa
"My work synthesizes the visual languages and purposes of modernism, cartoons, memes, amateur photography, Chinese landscape painting, and calligraphy. Each painting starts as an improvised drawing with brush and ink on paper. These preliminary drawings suggest a multitude of images. With ink  or paint, I enlarge and edit those sketches to make the imagery I see in the abstract marks more obvious and concrete, while maintaining the creeping multistability of the original sketch."
"I strive to make things that are organically hyper-ambiguous and inscrutable. My painting is an art of interruption that reflects the searching and restless qualities of contemporary consciousness. The paintings are dark and shadowy to reflect how everything is so shady."
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